Latifa Regenbogen

Founder & CEO

"Qatar deserves the best"

Luxury Travel by Latifa is a lifestyle travel company founded by Latifa Regenbogen. Our sister company has been established in Cologne, Germany since 1999. We pride ourselves on offering the finest personalized service with a passion for quality. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a six-week special journey , private jet, honeymoon travel, private Villas , Yacht cruises, family vacation, hunting travel, ladies travel, wellness travel to a personally unexplored continent, we have the knowledge and global resources to consider every detail.


Luxury Travel by Latifa specializes in providing tailored VIP travel experiences to the most exclusive hotels and exotic destinations worldwide. We take pride in being proud members of the exclusive Serandipians network by Traveler Made, granting us unparalleled VIP access and a wealth of resources.


Break free from your routine and immerse yourself in your passions. With a passion for crafting exquisite, extraordinary, and life-changing experiences. Our clients are discerning, savvy, and seasoned travelers for whom travel – be it private or celebratory – is a way of life. Just as important as the destination they visit is how our clients experience their travel, and this is where we excel.
We curate tailor-made travel itineraries to ensure you experience an unforgettable journey where luxury meets adventure. Take a look below at our list of services! Our mission is simple. We share our passion and extensive knowledge and experience of global travel so that you too can experience grand adventures and unlock the doors to the most enchanting corners of the world.

Welcome to a world where travel is reimagined, and exploration and adventure are made easy.

As passionate explorer, I now have more than 30 years of experience in the travel industry, especially in the luxury segment, and there is still nothing more for me than passing this enthusiasm and know-how on to my customers. Luxury Travel by Latifa it

Stands for luxury, tailor-made design, and concierge service.

We take care of all wishes and very little details that our customers need to have an authentic and extraordinary travel experience.