Latifa Regenbogen

Founder & CEO

"Qatar deserves the best"

How do you describe something, that you carry deep in your heart and that you are so passionate about that it affects your whole life?


As a German with Morrocan roots I have lived in Germany ever since I was 9.


I also met my husband in this beautiful country and we both have a great passion for travel which I wanted to pass on to my daughter.


In 1999 I fullfilled my dream and founded my own  luxury travel agency, Sonnenschein Reisen, in Cologne, Germany.


We have been one of the top travel agencies in Germany for years and I can’t put into words, how proud and joyfull this makes me feel.


As a passionate explorer, I now have 30 years of experience in the travel industry, especially in the luxury segment, and there is still nothing more beautiful for me than passing this enthusiasm and know-how on to my customers.



Luxury Travel by Latifa it stands for luxury, tailor-made design and concierge service.


We take care of all the wishes and every little detail that our customers need to have an authentic and extraordinary travel experience.


Because my goal is to create trips and always give my clients new impulses.


In Luxury Travel by Latifa there is expertise, my passion and creativity and what is most important-   my heart.


Both of my agencies, Sonnenschein Reisen and Luxury Travel by Latifa, are Serandipians  by Traveler Made members and only work with the finest travel designers.