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Serandipians by Traveller Made

Luxury Travel By Latifa is a member of the exclusive Serandipians by Traveller Made network, which brings together hand-picked service providers from the luxury travel industry worldwide – the network of luxury travel designers.

Serandipians by Traveller Made  is a network of the best travel designers and travel agencies in the world, whose common philosophy is to create unique and incomparable experiences for discerning travelers. All of the trips they create are unique in their composition, pick up on the latest travel trends and are geared towards the exclusive experience of the traveler. The association includes selected hotels, destinations and partners from the private flight, luxury train, and yacht sectors.

In addition to various smaller networking events, we have also taken part in the most important Serandipians by Traveller Made event of the year from the very beginning. Our customers not only benefit from the concentrated knowledge of the best travel agencies in the world but also enjoy various amenities, such as an upgrade depending on availability, free breakfast in the respective hotel, and VIP status. In addition, Sonnenschein Reisen and Luxury Travel By Latifa access Serandipians by TravellerMade’s global network of local partners to supplement or expand their own contacts. This combination is the perfect symbiosis for a high-quality, tailor-made luxury trip at the highest level!


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